Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to blogging!!

Hello Everyone, remember me? ;)
I've been MIA for quite......between family stuff like kids wedding, grandchilds birth, the massive flooding we are *still* dealing with......and how busy we have been in the shop, and there has just been NO TIME for the fun stuff like blogging, LOL!! But I just *Had* to take a minute and let everyone in on some of the great new things that are coming up at! 
First;  we have, at looooong last, found the manufacturer of the Steel Bracelet Bender and now carry them on the website!! I'm so dang happy I could do a little dance lol!! I have so many customers who want to order their cuff blanks flat so that they can do their artwork or stamping *before* it is bent into the bracelet shape.......but they had no way to bend them after they were done. Well now they DO! The bracelet bender is awesome, it is easy to use, works great with our aluminum cuff blanks, and is such a sturdy tool that unless you lose it or give it away, you will never ever need to buy it again. And the price? An amazing $11.95. Thats it!! Less than 12 dollars to make life easier.....who could pass that up? ;)
And thats not the only new item we've got going; we also will be adding ring blanks, stainless steel bracelet blanks, heavy-weight cuff blanks, and off-size assortments of brass and copper cuff blanks.....kind of like our aluminum grab bag assortments. Your gonna love them!! We have a few other things in the works, but I don't want to give away too much......surprises are fun, right? :)
Well, thats it for now.......stayed tuned for more updates as we get all the goodies up onto the website....and have a great weekend!!!