Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yippee! New Fun Product Added!

The testing is done and the new product has been released, YAY! What is it, you ask? It is BEESWAX. Okay, okay....Beeswax itself is not a new idea; most folks who work with needle and thread know of the advantages to using Beeswax as a thread conditioner and keep a bar of it in their workbox. BUT our new Beeswax assortments ARE a new idea and they are awesome! 
The biggest problem I have had with Beeswax is that the stuff attracts dust and debris like a crazy strong magnet....not very hygenic and certainly not very attractive, lol! I would break a chunk off the standard 1 ounce bar and use the smaller piece while keeping the rest of the bar in a sealed bag; much cleaner, but still not very attractive! Then one day I decided to try refining the beeswax and MOLDING it.....Eureeka! Smaller pieces of beeswax that are also PRETTY! Such a simple idea but it really solves alot of problems, LOL!
We are offering the beeswax in a variety of sizes and shapes, sold as assortments that equal 1 ounce; the same size as a regular plain bar of beeswax. My favorite shapes are the LION and the EGYPTIAN cool! Here are a couple of pics:

These are not all of the shapes, but it will give you a good idea of what we have to offer! You can also check them out

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Items Added!!

Yup, thats right! I finally got a bunch of great new cabcohons added to the website, and they are Beauties!! Check them out HERE!

I will be adding even more lovelies as time allows, so keep an eye out! Also a teaser.....I have something new I have been working on, still a secret but I am so excited about it that it won't stay that way for long, LOL! I am hoping to get my final testing done this weekend so that I can get this new item added to the wesbite by Sunday evening; I will post again when it is ready and give you a sneak peek!! In the meantime, just know that it is something that all beaders need, and almost all beaders use, but I have never seen any like these.......not only will these work better, but they are also beautiful! Ah, such fun having a surprise to spring, hee hee! 
Til next time....have a beady good day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Ready!

Yup, thats right....Get Ready! Why? Becasue I have spent the entire day getting some great new items ready to add to the website! Gorgeous Sea Sediment Jasper cabs in designer shapes, a stunning Labradorite cabochon, some Dragon Vein Agate pieces, some vintage Bakelite cabochons and some really beautiful Imitation Rainbow Calsilica cabs! The Rainbow Calsilica pieces are super cool, they almost look like Fordite.....imagine if Fordite and Rainbow Calsilica had a love-child......thats what these awesome cas look like!! I am actually not sure what they are made of, it is either glass or the hardest, most dense plastic I have ever come across. Can't even tell by the old standard of tapping it against my teeth! Quite the mystery, but a beautiful one! 

All the above mentioned pieces are still waiting to be photographed, so as soon as that is done they will be up on the website under "Stone Cabochons" Keep an eye out, shouldn't be more than a day or two. I'll update here when I get it done.
Thank thats it for today.....have a Beady-Good Day! ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hello all and Happy Tuesday! I added a bunch of stone cabochons to the website today, you can check them out HERE.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the newest cabochons! I will be adding new items to the website on a daily basis, we have literally THOUSANDS of items that aren't on there yet! It is a time consuming process, so please be patient with me! And just think; all kinds of awesome new goodies to drool over every day!! :)
Check back tomorrow.....and have a great evening!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gonna give this blogging thing a try!

Hello all! 
I have decided to give this whole blogging thing a try, I think this might be a cool way to keep everyone updated on what is new at! We have been busy busy busy lately, adding lots of awesome new aluminum headbands and armbands as well as lots of gorgeous cabochons. Keep an eye out for the new resin cabochons that we will have up on the site soon; I made them myself! :)
Guess that is it for now; don't forget that we always welcome comments and can comment here or email me at!