Sunday, April 25, 2010

Smaller Barrettes?

I have been thinking, (dangerous, I know) and I think that we need to add at least one more size of barrette finding to our that would work for kids as well as those of you who would like a smaller, daintier barrette. I for one have very thick hair and need a bigger barrette just to be able to hold my hair, but I know alot of women do have fine hair, and kids always seem to have such fine hair, too. And those folks just don't need to have a huge barrette, right? So, what do you think? Should we make smaller sizes of barrette blanks? What size(s) would you like to see? Here is a link so that you can see the sizes we have right now: SCROLL DOWN FOR THE BARRETTES! Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated....we want to give our customers what they want, not what we think that they want, lol! So feel free to chime in by commenting here on the blog or emailing me directly at:
Thats it for now, have a wonderfully restful and Beady Good Sunday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Camera, Yippee!!

Yup, we just bought a new camera! Not exactly earth-shattering news I know, but we are just so happy to have a new, BETTER camera that I just can't contain myself! :)
This means we will have better, more accurate pictures on the website.....a very good thing indeed. Sometimes our pictures taken with our old camera just didn't do justice to the subject. But this new camera.....WoW does it do a good job! Here, let me show you an example of the difference between our old camera and the new:
 First, with the OLD camera:

And now, with the NEW:
 See what I mean?! The difference is staggering! Ok, ok.....those aren't really the same caught me, LOL! But seriously, this new camera makes us feel that there is this much difference between the old pictures and the new, it is awesome! (as well it should be, considering what we paid for it) Here is a REAL picture that we just took with the camera:

Now, isn't that purdy? :) And that was taken as soon as we got the camera......which translates to "before we had a clue as to what the heck we were doing." Hubby takes all of the pictures for the website and for a guy with no training and, until now at least, sub-par equipment, I think he has done a darn good job! But I can't wait to see what he can do now that he finally has a decent camera! :) For anyone interested, the above picture is of one of our brand new items, just added to the website under "Druzy Cabochons", HERE!
Thats all for now, Have a Beady Good Day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More News & a Correction.....

Ok, first things first....the correction! I had posted that we were going to be selling our new brass cuffs individually or by the dozen.....I lied. ;) We are actually only selling the brass cuff bracelet blanks individually, at least for right now. The reason is that our prices by the piece are already lower than our competitors by the dozen price.....and we just can't do a larger discount than that just yet. Sorry about the (my) confusion about that!
Now, on to the NEWS! We are pleased to announce that starting next week, we will also be offering not only aluminum cuff bracelet blanks and brass cuff bracelet blanks, we will be offering COPPER cuff bracelet blanks! YAY!!! Copper is a wonderful medium to work with and while we do not claim in any way that copper has any medicinal benefits, many people feel that it does, and besides....having more options to choose from is always a good thing, right? :)
The copper cuffs will be offered in all our regular widths, 6 inches in length and, as with our aluminum and brass bracelet blanks, with a choice of either square corners or rounded corners. All with prices that just can't be awesome is that?! :)

In other news, we (meaning me) have added a vast amount of new cabochons to the website in the last week or so; all different kinds such as turquoise, vintage, resin, stone, shell, dichroic glass....super gorgeous cabs in all sorts of shapes, sizes and price ranges including a totally new section of gorgeous Druzy cabochons; Be sure to check them out!
Until next time,
Have a Beady Good Day!~