Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to blogging!!

Hello Everyone, remember me? ;)
I've been MIA for quite......between family stuff like kids wedding, grandchilds birth, the massive flooding we are *still* dealing with......and how busy we have been in the shop, and there has just been NO TIME for the fun stuff like blogging, LOL!! But I just *Had* to take a minute and let everyone in on some of the great new things that are coming up at! 
First;  we have, at looooong last, found the manufacturer of the Steel Bracelet Bender and now carry them on the website!! I'm so dang happy I could do a little dance lol!! I have so many customers who want to order their cuff blanks flat so that they can do their artwork or stamping *before* it is bent into the bracelet shape.......but they had no way to bend them after they were done. Well now they DO! The bracelet bender is awesome, it is easy to use, works great with our aluminum cuff blanks, and is such a sturdy tool that unless you lose it or give it away, you will never ever need to buy it again. And the price? An amazing $11.95. Thats it!! Less than 12 dollars to make life easier.....who could pass that up? ;)
And thats not the only new item we've got going; we also will be adding ring blanks, stainless steel bracelet blanks, heavy-weight cuff blanks, and off-size assortments of brass and copper cuff blanks.....kind of like our aluminum grab bag assortments. Your gonna love them!! We have a few other things in the works, but I don't want to give away too much......surprises are fun, right? :)
Well, thats it for now.......stayed tuned for more updates as we get all the goodies up onto the website....and have a great weekend!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Closed Til Monday, March 7th......

Just a quick post to let you all know that we will be closed starting today, Friday March 4th until Monday March 7th. BIG weekend, big enough that I need all of today just to prepare for it, lol! Our eldest Daughter Samantha is getting married tomorrow, March 5th, and hubby is taking me to the theatre on Sunday March 6th because thats my Birthday!!! See.....BIG weekend, lol!! Now I'm gonna brag on my hubby a little; guess what he bought me for my Birthday? Come on, Guess!! the theatre tickets? Well, yes......but the REAL present was......are ya ready for it? A NEW CAR!! How awesome is that? Three years ago he bought me the house for my Birthday, this year he bought me a car for my Birthday.....I think that makes my husband the very definition of "A KEEPER", lol! The car is gorgeous, too......a Dodge Avenger in crystal pearl red. Heres a picture from the Dodge website, this is exactly what mine looks like:
Ain't she purty??? :) Well, thats it I guess, off to get prepared for the weekend! I hope all of you have a lovely weekend as well! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

WICKED Behind the Emerald Curtain: A New Video Series

Hello all!!
Just a quick post to share this amazing video. Hubby and I are completely HOOKED on this play, have seen it three times and have had tickets for this coming springs performance for over 6 months already, lol! One of the best things about this particular play is the costumes; if you get the chance to see the play, DO IT.....if you get the chance to see the play from the first 5-10 rows, snatch those tickets NOW because then you will be able to see and experience just how incredible the costumes really are. They are *stunning* and worth the price of admission all by themselves!! Here is a short video that shows a bit of the beadwork that goes into the costumes, an amazing Art!!
WICKED Behind the Emerald Curtain: A New Video Series

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It just keeps gettin' better.............

Yup, better by the minute, right? First was the storm warning, then the wind chill warning, now? Of course! A BLIZZARD warning! (We live in Pottawattamie county)

06:21 AM CST Wed-Feb-02

The Weather Service has issued a BLIZZARD WARNING
Iowa counties
Missouri counties
Nebraska counties
Iowa counties

I knew it was gonna be an interesting day weather wise as soon as I went downstairs this morning; a snow blower was sitting in my foyer. (On my good rug no less, grr) But when I looked outside, none of the snow had been cleared....hmm, weird, right? Apparentaly what happened is hubby was going to clear the walks and driveway this morning but he couldn't get the snow blower to start. And it is bitterly cold he brought the snow blower into the work on it. ON MY GOOD RUG. It is a good brand, a Toro....and is less than 3 years old....but hubby couldn't get it to work no matter what he did, so he finally gave up. And left it sitting there. In my foyer. ON MY GOOD RUG. Did I mention it is sitting on my good rug? I KNOW I forgot to mention that is the same rug that I spent a long time just yesterday SHAMPOOING. Making it all nice and pretty. So he could park a snow blower on it. Sigh...............good thing he's cute. ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And now the cold sets in............

Yesterday it was a storm warning, now its a wind chill warning. WHY do I live in Iowa? Anyone?

Issued at: 4:05 AM CST 2/1/11, expires at: 12:15 PM CST 2/1/11

Winter storm warning now in effect until 10 pm cst this evening, wind chill
advisory in effect from 10 pm this evening to noon cst Wednesday,
The NWS in omaha/valley has issued a wind chill advisory, which is in effect
from 10 pm this evening to noon cst Wednesday. The winter storm warning is now
in effect until 10 pm cst this evening.
Timing: Occasional light snow, along with blowing snow, are expected through the
day. The blowing snow will continue this evening.
Snow accumulations: Additional snowfall will be 1 to 2 inches.
Winds: Northwest winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts to near 40 mph are expected
Impacts: Combination of gusty winds and cold temperatures will result in blowing
and drifting snow as well as bitterly cold wind chills. The falling snow, along
with blowing and drifting snow will reduce visibilities and make travel
hazardous into the evening hours.

 Wind chill values overnight will drop to 20 to
30 below zero.

Precautionary/preparedness actions,
A winter storm warning for snow and blowing snow means severe winter weather
conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow are forecast
that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must
travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an
emergency. Strong winds are also possible. This will make travel very hazardous
or impossible.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Storm Warning = Shipping Delays

Hello to All,
Well, I wish that I had better news for you all today; we are currently under a winter snow warning which unfortunately means our shipping times will be delayed since we can't get out to mail anything and, even worse, we are completely out of sheet metal and can't get out to pick up more! EEK!! Here is the email I got this morning:
Issued at: 4:31 AM CST 1/31/11,
Winter storm warning now in effect until 6 am cst Wednesday.
The winter storm warning is now in effect until 6 am cst wednesday.
Timing: Areas of freezing drizzle along with light snow are expected this
morning. The snow is expected to increase in coverage and intensity this
afternoon through tonight. Snow is then expected to continue through the day on
Snow accumulations: Total snow accumulations around 6 to 9 inches are expected.
Winds: Northeast winds of 5 to 15 mph will increase to 15 to 25 mph tonight and
becoming north at 20 to 30 mph Tuesday. The strong winds will create blowing and
drifting snow and reduced visibilities as well as bitterly cold wind chills. The
strong winds will continue through Wednesday morning.
Impacts: In addition to expected snow accumulations, significant blowing and
drifting snow is expected with this storm with near white-out conditions at
times. Driving conditions will deteriorate this afternoon and will remain
dangerous through Wednesday morning.

Precautionary/preparedness actions,
A winter storm warning for snow and blowing snow means severe winter weather
conditions are expected or occurring. Significant amounts of snow are forecast
that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must
travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an
emergency. Strong winds are also possible. This will make travel very hazardous
or impossible.

Get More Weather From
Use The Interactive Radar
Get Your Local Forecast

Sounds like fun, right? ;) See where it says to only travel in an emergency? Now, usually we kinda disregard that and will vebture out to places close to us....but our 4-wheel drive is broken down and I am NOT gonna risk going anywhere in our truck......heck, that dang thing slides around in rain let alone SNOW lol! We are used to this kind of thing here in Iowa, but alot of our customers around the country (and the globe) are either having good weather or are lucky enough to never have weather like I just want you all to be aware of whats going on here, and why your orders may be arriving a few days later than expected. :(
The only good news? The kiddo is off school......the school says they won't even try to guess if the kids will be in school at ALL this week! So naturally our 13 year old is a pretty darn happy camper right now! I predict she will be bored by this afternoon and texting her fingers to the bone. ;)
Thats it for now, I will update again if things change......for now, Have a Beady Good Day!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Style of Fauxpals!

Hello All!
Not much to update about, I just wanted to mention some new Fauxpals that are available now on the website, you can check them out HERE. There are some that are in my usual oval style, but there are also some new round Fauxpals that I am very excited about! The optical cap on top of them is much thinner than the caps on my oval Fauxpals, and it gives a different effect.....almost like inlay or mosaic, very pretty!! I also hand picked some to make sets from some ovals.....each set includes one 30mm x 40mm and two coordinating 13mm x 18mm Fauxpals. Fun stuff, easy to make a pendant and matching earrings, or bracelet and earrings, or a large stunning collar or necklace.....just imagine how gorgeous!!! Anyhoo.....thats about it, I will leave you with some pictures of the new Fauxpals to tempt you......although the pictures don't come near doing them justice!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yay Yippee!!

I am feeling better finally and am sooooooo glad about it!! Being sick SUCKS! I'm not 100% yet, but feeling so much better that I am going to be cranking out as many cuffs as possible in the shop so we can keep the orders going out in the mail. Heck, I felt good enough last night that I painted my nails....China Glaze Tree Hugger.....what an awesome color! Gorgeous green, yummy! Thats really all I wanted to say, so how bout I end this post with some more Keaton Pictures?? :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick, before I collapse......

Seriously. I really may.......collapse. At least that is how I am feeling! Sick.....SO sick, sick is awful and hideous and somehow EVIL, ya know? And I AM SICK. Not the sniffle sniffle, get to lay around and watch tv sick. Nope, this is the dreaded and horrifying sickness that makes you feel so terrible that to tell the truth, kinda makes you wish you just would die already and get it over with. The kind that makes you realize that everyone in your family is unusually noisy and demanding. And that maybe pets are for other people. And that I need to make more money so I can hire someone to take care of all the crap I just am not up to doing. And that....well, you get the idea. So I'll stop griping now and go lay back down. In my room. Alone. With the door firmly CLOSED. Oh! The point of all this? I wanted everyone to know that if you called me or emailed me today that NOPE, I did NOT drag my butt of the couch to answer you. I really AM sorry, and will get to everyone as soon as I can remain upright longer than 30 seconds..........ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandmas Little Buddy

Be prepared! You are about to view actual photgraphic evidence that Angels exsist......

Keaton Lee Henry, Born 10/30/10 at 10:30pm

Saying "I love you Gramma"  ;)

The Angel sleeps.....

No doubt about it, he IS an Angel!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days!

wow, I can't believe that we have finally gotten a real snow fall here in Iowa! It seems like it has been years! Still not near as much snow as we used to get when I was a kid, but enough that tomorrow will be my daughters second snow day off from school in a yay Megann, LOL! On the downside, we have literally been snowed in....can't get out to ship packages! So some of you will probably be getting your orders a few days later than planned, I am very very sorry!! I think if we are still stuck tomorrow we will arrange for the postal carrier to pick up the packages. We don't like to do that because they simply scan how many packages they picked up, instead of scanning each one individually like they do at the post office counter. But it would still be better to at least get the packages on their way! If you are wondering if your package is one that has been delayed, you can email me at and I will be happy to check!
Thats about all for now, wanna get off the computer asap because I may lose my connection again...dang snow storms!! Here is a parting pic of one of my newest Fauxpals, available now on the website!!