Sunday, May 23, 2010

Copper and Fauxpals™ and Video, Oh My!

Happy Sunday to you all!
I am so dig-darn-diddly excited today! (what...thats a phrase, right? Dig-darn-diddly.....pretty sure its a real phrase)
First of all......due to popular demand, we have added copper cuff bracelet blanks to the website! They are so pretty and shiny, but boy do they take fingerprints! Take a peek HERE and you will see what I mean, the copper cuff bracelet blanks are all the way at the bottom. Look at those pictures! Fingerprints galore! Sorry about that, hubby takes all the pictures so lets just blame him, shall we? :)
Also, we have added a bunch of new Fauxpals™ to the website; these are 13mm x 18mm in size and oh so pretty!! And because the pictures don't even come close to showing the true gorgeousness (also a word, right?) of the Fauxpals™, hubby and I shot a quick video of them in the sun. You can check that out HERE!  Yup, that is my hand you see there, trying to move the Fauxpals™ around a bit so you can see the color flash. They are still prettier in person, but the video does show them a bit better than the still pictures do. All my Fauxpals™ are introductory priced right now and are selling fast, so be sure to check them out and get em while you can! :)
I think that is everything for now, Have a Beady Good Sunday y'all!

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