Friday, March 4, 2011

Closed Til Monday, March 7th......

Just a quick post to let you all know that we will be closed starting today, Friday March 4th until Monday March 7th. BIG weekend, big enough that I need all of today just to prepare for it, lol! Our eldest Daughter Samantha is getting married tomorrow, March 5th, and hubby is taking me to the theatre on Sunday March 6th because thats my Birthday!!! See.....BIG weekend, lol!! Now I'm gonna brag on my hubby a little; guess what he bought me for my Birthday? Come on, Guess!! the theatre tickets? Well, yes......but the REAL present was......are ya ready for it? A NEW CAR!! How awesome is that? Three years ago he bought me the house for my Birthday, this year he bought me a car for my Birthday.....I think that makes my husband the very definition of "A KEEPER", lol! The car is gorgeous, too......a Dodge Avenger in crystal pearl red. Heres a picture from the Dodge website, this is exactly what mine looks like:
Ain't she purty??? :) Well, thats it I guess, off to get prepared for the weekend! I hope all of you have a lovely weekend as well! :)

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