Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Items Added!!

Yup, thats right! I finally got a bunch of great new cabcohons added to the website, and they are Beauties!! Check them out HERE!

I will be adding even more lovelies as time allows, so keep an eye out! Also a teaser.....I have something new I have been working on, still a secret but I am so excited about it that it won't stay that way for long, LOL! I am hoping to get my final testing done this weekend so that I can get this new item added to the wesbite by Sunday evening; I will post again when it is ready and give you a sneak peek!! In the meantime, just know that it is something that all beaders need, and almost all beaders use, but I have never seen any like these.......not only will these work better, but they are also beautiful! Ah, such fun having a surprise to spring, hee hee! 
Til next time....have a beady good day!

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