Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Ready!

Yup, thats right....Get Ready! Why? Becasue I have spent the entire day getting some great new items ready to add to the website! Gorgeous Sea Sediment Jasper cabs in designer shapes, a stunning Labradorite cabochon, some Dragon Vein Agate pieces, some vintage Bakelite cabochons and some really beautiful Imitation Rainbow Calsilica cabs! The Rainbow Calsilica pieces are super cool, they almost look like Fordite.....imagine if Fordite and Rainbow Calsilica had a love-child......thats what these awesome cas look like!! I am actually not sure what they are made of, it is either glass or the hardest, most dense plastic I have ever come across. Can't even tell by the old standard of tapping it against my teeth! Quite the mystery, but a beautiful one! 

All the above mentioned pieces are still waiting to be photographed, so as soon as that is done they will be up on the website under "Stone Cabochons" Keep an eye out, shouldn't be more than a day or two. I'll update here when I get it done.
Thank thats it for today.....have a Beady-Good Day! ;)

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